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Our  menu is simple in content but rich in flavour, our dishes are inspired in Latin American, Asian cuisines, with American and European style.

•    USDA prime steaks selection including Wagyu and a daily traditional asado

•    Steaks can be selected by weight and come with a choice of 2 sauces and 2 vegetables

•    The customer has the choice of various types of rock salt to season

•    Crudo bar with locally caught fresh fish/seafood along with imported fish

•    Crudo bar consist of carpaccio, tiradito, tartare, oysters, seafood platters, sashimi, ceviche



We home smoked with different flavours, either by using a different type of wood or per example tea smoked.
•    There is a different bar and lounge menu that is focused on smaller portions and finger food
•    All of our food is prepared fresh and on site, no short cuts are used.


Our Bar menu is filled with classic and contemporary cocktails, premium brands along with standard brands for spirits. We Specialise in Latin American concoctions including margaritas, mojitos, pisco, cacachas and cocktails.
Our Selection of drinks include beers from South America, the US and Europe. Belgian speciality beers.
Fresh juices squeezed freshly on site on a daily basis
We have. Majority of red wines to be from Argentina and the US
•   We have a Separate premium wine list with vintage champagne, premium brands from France, Australia and the US